‘Til Kingdom Come

Aug 26, 2023 | Political, Videos

The documentary ‘Til Kingdom Come examines a remarkable partnership between evangelical Christians in America and the state of Israel. This relationship is rooted in an ancient bond, where those who practice Christianity continue to pray for the restoration of the Holy Land to the Jewish people.

This documentary delves into the complicated struggle that is occurring between Jews and Arabs. It seeks to uncover the motivations behind this alliance, as well as explore how it has shaped American politics. ‘Til Kingdom Come provides an insightful look at this unique relationship, offering viewers a greater understanding of its influences on both sides of the conflict.

The film highlights interviews with some of the leading voices in this controversial partnership, including leaders from Israel and Christian groups across America. Viewers will gain personal perspectives about why these individuals are so passionate about their cause and what drives them to pursue peace between Jews and Arabs.

‘Til Kingdom Come offers an intimate glimpse at how this age-old friendship has altered American politics, as well as international relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Through its candid conversations with key players involved in this dynamic alliance, it reveals a fascinating story that deserves more attention than it receives.

For anyone interested in learning more about this powerful connection between evangelicals and Israel, ‘Til Kingdom Come is essential viewing. It contains valuable information about a rarely discussed topic that promises to open new lines of dialogue for those seeking peace in the Middle East.

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David B