Putin: A Russian Spy Story

Feb 4, 2024 | News, Political

Putin: A Russian Spy Story is a major documentary miniseries that showcases the remarkable story of Vladimir Putin’s rise to power. In this riveting 3-part series, viewers follow Putin as he transforms from an unremarkable KGB recruit to one of the world’s most influential leaders.

The series kicks off with Episode 1: The Rise of Putin, which delves into how Putin was inspired by the Soviet television series Seventeen Moments of Spring—essentially Russia’s James Bond—and how this inspiration carried him to join the country’s infamous KGB shortly after. As viewers witness his incredible journey to the Kremlin, they’ll also get a glimpse into how Putin used his power and authority in order to secure his place in history and ensure he would be remembered for generations to come.

Episode 2: Enemies and Traitors examines how Putin overcame opposition from oligarchs who sought to control him when he ascended to power. Viewers will learn about prominent figures such as businessman Boris Berezovsky and defector Alexander Litvinenko who stood up against Putin and were later found dead under mysterious circumstances in Great Britain.

In Episode 3: Putin Forever, viewers travel with the documentary crew all the way to Salisbury, UK where Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by an unknown assailant before tracing back to 2012 when Vladimir returned as President after a four-year absence. Since then, he’s been accused of corruption while sanctions from America have been placed on Russia due to their interference in politics across Europe and Middle East.

It’s time for you to experience the full story behind Vladimir Putin’s epic rise! Don’t miss out on your chance to watch ‘Putin: A Russian Spy Story’ — an enthralling documentary miniseries that provides insight into one of history’s most influential figures.

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David B