The Ring of Fire

May 2, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Broadcast (1998) is an incredible documentary that explores the chain of active volcanoes that run along the Pacific Ocean. Spanning a whopping 30,000 kilometres from New Zealand to Patagonia, this natural phenomenon is not only awe-inspiring and humbling but also valuable for geologists and volcanologists.

The documentary takes viewers on an immersive journey to some of these unique volcanoes, with stunning visualisations of their activity. It draws attention to both the destructive power of volcanoes and their potential to create new landmasses, examining in detail how they shape our planet’s surface over time. Along with breathtaking views of the eruptions, lava flows and dramatic landscapes created by them, the film also offers insights into the people who live alongside these forces of nature.

It’s a fascinating exploration into some of Earth’s most powerful phenomena and one that will stay with you long after it ends. So if you’re keen to learn more about the wonders of our planet’s fiery heart, Broadcast (1998) is definitely worth a watch!

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David B