The Last Lions

Aug 10, 2023 | Nature, Videos

It is a disheartening reality that lions, one of the most impressive and iconic animals of African savannas, are becoming increasingly rare. Once roaming through vast expanses of the continent’s wilderness, they have experienced a dramatic population decline in the last five decades. While half-a-million lions proudly stalked the African plains only fifty years ago, there are now only an estimated 20,000 remaining.

This worrying trend has been documented in the 2018 documentary ‘Lion’s Last Roar’, which follows conservationist Joseph Wachira as he works to protect Kenya’s lion population and advocate for their protection. The documentary provides important insights into why lion numbers are declining at such an alarming rate, and highlights what can be done to help restore these majestic creatures’ place atop the food chain.

The main threats facing lions today are habitat destruction due to human settlement expansion and poaching. As land is cleared for development or agriculture, lions lose access to vital resources such as food and water; without these necessities, their populations will continue to dwindle. Additionally, poachers continue to hunt and kill lions for their skins and other body parts—a sad reality that threatens this species with extinction if it is not addressed soon.

By watching ‘Lion’s Last Roar’, viewers can gain invaluable insight into how they can help conserve Africa’s lion population by supporting conservation efforts both on the ground and through policy change. This documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to learn more about lions and how we can work together to ensure they still roam free across Africa for generations to come.

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David B