Sinking of an Aircraft Carrier

Jun 17, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Sinking the USS Oriskany, a 900-foot-long aircraft carrier, was no small feat. It was the most complex and best built ship in naval warfare and required a demolition team to take it down. The mission? To create the largest artificial reef in the world.

Faced with 4-inch thick steel plating and hazardous waste, this team faced an arduous task that would test even the most experienced demolition experts. But after hours of rigorous labor, they eventually discovered the secret to sinking such a large vessel.

The members of this extraordinary team have written a new chapter in marine demolition history. They faced numerous challenges throughout their mission, but never once gave up on their objective. And their hard work has paid off – their efforts resulted in what is now considered to be one of the most impressive artificial reefs in existence.

This incredible story deserves to be told, which is why it has been documented and turned into an incredible documentary entitled “Demolition Team: Sinking The USS Oriskany”. Not only does it provide viewers with detailed behind-the-scenes footage of this momentous event, but it also highlights how this team achieved such an ambitious goal through determination and dedication. If you’re interested in discovering what lies beneath the surface or learning more about maritime demolition, then this documentary is definitely worth watching!

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David B