David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve

Jun 3, 2022 | Music, Performing Arts

When you think about it, architecture and music have nothing in common. But in reality, they go hand in hand. Without music, there is no architecture, and without architecture, there is no good music.

David Byrne, the founding member and lead singer of the Talking Heads band, talks about how architecture helped music evolve.

The main question during his TED Talk presentation is: does the venue make the music? How much architecture effect music? Do you get the same sound when you play the drums outside and in a Wagnerian opera? Or what happens when you play in arena rock?

Byrne explores how context has pushed musical innovation by presenting songs and how they sound in different environment.

What does it mean when a hall is not suited for the music a musician makes. Which begs the question: do musicians write songs for specific rooms? Do they have a place, a venue in mind when they write. Byrne answers all these questions with practical examples.

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Riyan H.