The Best Documentaries About Talking Heads

Mar 15, 2024 | Best Of, Music

What’s the best way to become an expert on something? To really dive deep and get the full picture, there’s nothing quite like watching a documentary. Documentaries can provide an in-depth look at any topic and can often offer new perspectives that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. If you’re a fan of Talking Heads, one of the most influential bands from the American new wave scene, then you absolutely must check out some of the best documentaries about them.


1. Well How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of Talking Heads

Plenty of us can recall the unmistakable sound of the Talking Heads, a pioneering new wave and art rock band that has influenced countless acts since its inception in 1975. But how did they come to be? What inspired their innovative and captivating music? It all started with frontman David Byrne’s unique knack for writing original material and his willingness to take risks musically.


2. Talking Heads Vs Television – Once In A Lifetime. Documentary CH4 1984 (full)

For those with an interest in the music industry, Talking Heads Vs Television is a must-see documentary. Released in 1984 and produced by CH4, it follows the rise of the innovative punk rock band as they blazed their own path through the music scene. The film features interviews with members of the band, as well as exclusive footage from recording sessions and live.


3. Talking Heads – South Bank Show (1979)

The Talking Heads documentary from 1979 is a classic amongst music fanatics and cinema buffs alike. It captures the journey of the band’s creative process through the South Bank Show, first aired in Britain. The documentary showcases all the members of Talking Heads in an intimate setting as they discuss their musical collaborations and offer insight into each one’s individual personas.


4. Tina Weymouth: Talking Heads’ Secret Weapon | Have You Seen Her

Have you ever heard of Tina Weymouth? She’s the secret weapon behind Talking Heads and one of the most influential female musicians in the late 70s. Not only is she an accomplished bass guitarist, but she also arranged and composed some of their songs. This documentary dives deep into her life, highlighting her immense contribution to Talking Heads’ success, as well as her influence.


5. Talking Heads: Worst to Best

Dive into the world of Talking Heads with this comprehensive ranking from worst to best. With iconic hits like “Once in a Lifetime” and “Burning Down The House,” Talking Heads has been inspiring generations for nearly four decades. This ranking looks at all of the available documentaries about the band, judging them.

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