Affairs in movies vs real life: how Iconic Movie Characters shows all aspects

Feb 20, 2024 | Love, Movies

Are you a movie buff? Whether you prefer an immersive experience in your local multiplex, complete with large screens and surround sound, or streaming films at home, you’re not alone. Movies are one of the most popular leisure pastimes of all. There are many reasons for this. Everyone loves escapism: losing ourselves to passionate love stories, falling under the spell of magical wizards, or imagining what life would be like if it involved space travel to exotic worlds! But another crucial reason for the enduring success of the movies is the extent to which they reflect real life. Thanks to uplifting stories and iconic characters, if you’re single and seeking a soulmate, movies will give you inspiration.


Why Married Women Are So Attractive?

To a lot of single males, there’s nothing more alluring than the so-called forbidden fruit. The fact the woman they’re attracted to is already in a committed relationship is often no deterrent. If anything, this can be a greater incentive. There are also many online platforms where guys appreciate they’ll be able to find their fair share of married women looking for men. Younger single dudes know the females who sign up do so because discretion and privacy will be guaranteed. For everyone gravitating to this platform, attraction is the number one driving force, with ample examples of fabulous profile pages to be browsed through.


Learning valuable life lessons

As stated from the outset, the movies can provide iconic characters for singles to draw inspiration from. Watching how these individuals deal with the stresses and strains of life can give anyone a life. From movies about culture to out-and-out romcoms, the plotlines will take the viewer to places they’ll recognise, and situations they’ll be able to empathise with. You might even get some pointers about how to deal with your situation, especially – as is often reflected in movie plots – if you find yourself involved in a love triangle. Affairs are a familiar trope at the cinema, as these are stories which can involve twists and turns, with a lot of tension! It might be worthwhile outlining some of the best films which have captured this very situation, sometimes presenting this as a dilemma, but one that can be readily solved.


Top 5 movies about dating with married females

There are many titles to choose from where stories about affairs are concerned. But it always helps to fine-tune any list to provide maximum clarity. So, in particular, here are five of the best.


Brief Encounter (1945)

Ok, so this isn’t a particularly contemporary film, but the affable pacing and black-and-white photography are perfect for its poignant love story. Considered fairly scandalous at the time, this movie is perfect for the dilemma of being drawn to a married woman. Laura (Celia Johnson), married with children, is drawn to Dr Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard), during a chance meeting while awaiting a train. Ranked one of the greatest British films of all time, this is exquisitely acted, and never judgemental.


Addicted (2014)

Bringing us more up-to-date, this erotic thriller directed by Billie Woodruff is about Zoe (Sharon Leal), who has an ideal existence with her husband and kids, only to fall for a guy she meets at an art show, Quinton (William Levy). Things take a deeper turn when Zoe confesses all to her therapist, a counsellor in sex addiction.


Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Starring Jack O’Connell as Mellors, and Emma Corrin as Lady Chatterley, this is a remake of D H Lawrence’s famously scandalous novel. Affairs have always made for great entertainment!


Unfaithful (2002)

Starring Richard Gere and Diane Laine, this steamy tale of suburban New Yorkers slipping into an affair is another worthwhile addition to your list. Again, the protagonists meet by chance, emphasising this could happen to anyone!


Class (1983)

Notable for marking the film debut of John Cusack, Andrew McCarthy and Virginia Ladsen, who would go on to become major stars of the 80s, here affairs are given a deft comic touch.



Whatever type of relationship you’re seeking, it’s not always easy to predict who you’re going to fall for. Love makes the world go round, but many of these partnerships involve someone who is already ‘an item.’ The key is to ensure discretion, and this is where popular movies can often signpost the way. Affairs might need to involve a degree of subterfuge and subtlety, making sure your tracks are covered at all times. But this can also be exciting – and a lot of fun! There’s an adage about never regretting the things you’ve done, only the things you didn’t have the courage to do. So, look upon each affair you embark on as a new experience, one to grasp with both hands.

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