The Syphilis Enigma

Mar 26, 2024 | History, Videos

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and his journey forever changed history. Not only was he credited with discover the “New World”, but it is believed that he also brought with him diseases which proved fatal for the Indigenous population of the Americas. The effects of this were catastrophic, causing death and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

However, many historians believe that the Native Americans responded to this tragedy in a unique way – by sending back to Europe a new and unknown plague: syphilis. In 1495, just three years after Columbus’ voyage, Europe was hit by a mysterious illness that caused immense suffering and devastation. The symptoms included fever, skin rashes, gum ulcerations, swollen lymph nodes and joint pain. This sickness became known as syphilis and it had a profound effect on European society at the time.

One documentary that explores this little-known chapter in history is entitled “The Revenge of Syphilis”. Through interviews with experts in the field, archival footage from Columbus’ voyage, historical accounts of those affected by this dreaded disease and more, viewers get an insightful look into one of humanity’s darkest moments. It is essential viewing for all who are interested in learning more about our past and how we can move forward into a better future.

So if you’re looking to gain some real insight into these tragic events that occurred centuries ago, then be sure to watch “The Revenge of Syphilis”. It is an eye-opening documentary that will help us understand what happened during this epochal period in human history – as well as how we can ensure it never happens again.

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David B