The British Empire in Colour

Jul 30, 2023 | History, Videos

The British Empire in Colour is a three-part documentary series that takes an engaging and insightful look at the history of the British Empire. Through vivid, colorized footage, accompanied by a narrative voiceover, this retrospective series paints a fascinating portrait of the rise, fall and legacy of the expansive empire.

Beginning with its origins in the 16th century, the documentary shows how Britain was transformed from a small island nation to one of the world’s largest empires. As it expands, viewers will see how people from all over the globe were brought together to form a multicultural society. The film also examines how Britons adapted to different cultures and how colonization shaped their beliefs and values. Additionally, it looks at some of the darker aspects of colonialism such as exploitation and subjugation.

The final part of The British Empire in Colour focuses on its decline and eventual dissolution in 1997 following India’s independence. It considers how Britain changed during this period and highlights some of its lasting legacies around the world today.

The British Empire in Colour presents an illuminating look back into history with fascinating visuals and captivating stories. Whether you have an interest in history or are simply looking for an intriguing watch, this documentary is sure to capture your attention – making it essential viewing for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of Britain’s imperial past.

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David B