Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship

Mar 1, 2024 | History, Videos

For centuries, historians have speculated about thousands of wooden ships that sailed the ancient Maritime Silk Route between the Middle East and China, venturing out on tumultuous seas with no guarantee of survival. But time had conspired to erase any evidence of their journeys – until now.

In 1998, German engineer Tilman Walterfang made a groundbreaking discovery: a 9th century shipwreck perfectly preserved under layers of gold, silver and ceramic items. Now this lost vessel is being brought to life once more in the documentary ‘Sinbad’s Journey Through Time’, which allows viewers to explore its secrets through stunning reenactments.

Set against the backdrop of Sinbad’s fabled adventures, ‘Sinbad’s Journey Through Time’ follows researchers as they uncover fascinating tidbits about the wreck and its crew. From learning how sailors navigated long distances without modern-day tools to discovering what kind of goods were transported back then, this documentary reveals unique insights into the lives of those who dared sail beyond distant shores.

Exploring state-of-the-art visual effects and cutting-edge animation techniques, ‘Sinbad’s Journey Through Time’ takes us on an unforgettable journey over rough waves and treacherous creatures that lurk beneath them. Watch as fierce storms ravage wooden boats like matchsticks – a reminder just how courageous these sailors were!

Bringing together history experts and leading archaeologists from around the world, ‘Sinbad’s Journey Through Time’ is a must-watch for anyone interested in maritime exploration or archaeological discoveries. So be sure to tune in for this exciting glimpse into a past populated by legendary seafarers!

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David B