Building the Great Cathedrals

Jun 30, 2024 | History, Videos

The Great Cathedrals of the medieval world are some of the most impressive feats of human achievement. From the soaring spires of Notre Dame to the intricate details of Beauvais Cathedral, these awe-inspiring structures have stood as symbols of faith and architectural prowess for centuries. The documentary Building the Great Cathedrals offers an in-depth look at how these magnificent edifices were constructed.

The film delves into the logistics that went into constructing a cathedral, including how stone and other materials were acquired and transported, how entire towns devoted their manpower to the effort, and how individual architects contributed to each site’s design over generations. It also looks at how medieval society viewed and used such structures as places for worship, celebration, education, lawmaking, and more.

For anyone interested in history or architecture, Building the Great Cathedrals is an absolute must-watch. Through its engaging interviews with experts in the field and vivid recreations of original sites from long ago, this documentary provides a comprehensive overview of what it took to build these grand cathedrals – both in terms of resources as well as human skills. Whether you are looking to learn more about religious architecture or just admire some amazing feats of engineering, this documentary will leave you with a deeper appreciation for these incredible creations.

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David B