The Truth About Sugar

May 24, 2024 | Health, Videos

Fiona Phillips, a renowned journalist and TV presenter, is on a journey to uncover the facts behind our newfound enemy – sugar. In her upcoming documentary, she attempts to answer the questions of why some people have more of an affinity for sugar than others, as well as what type of sugar is more beneficial to our health in the face of its prevalence in supposedly savoury foods.

The documentary follows Fiona on her mission to uncover the truth about our relationship with sugar. She studies the effects of consuming too much sugar and explores how it has become entwined into our diets. She visits various cities and interviews experts and everyday people who are struggling with their own personal battle against sugar addiction. From nutritionists to chefs, she learns about how it affects us both mentally and physically.

In addition, Fiona also delves into which types of sugars are better for us when considering their prevalence in different types of food. By examining what goes into the foods we eat every day, she discovers how much impact sugar has on our daily diets and develops strategies for making smarter choices when it comes to sweet treats.

Overall, this documentary promises viewers a detailed exploration into what lies beneath our society’s love affair with sugary snacks and drinks. It provides valuable insight into how much this ingredient plays a part in not only what we consume but also how it affects us as individuals

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David B