OCD: The War Inside

Oct 12, 2023 | Health, Videos

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a daily struggle faced by many individuals across the world. Despite this, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding this anxiety disorder.

People with OCD are often plagued by intrusive thoughts, obsessive worrying and irrational fears. In order to cope with these symptoms, they may develop rituals such as frequently washing their hands, checking locks, counting cracks on the sidewalk, hoarding items or opening and closing doors repeatedly. Even though those living with OCD appear physically healthy from the outside, they are painfully aware that these behaviours are out of their control.

It’s heartbreaking for those affected to see how little society understands about this condition. That’s why it’s so important to spread awareness in order to help those living with it feel less stigmatised and more accepted. This is why we should all take the time to watch the feature documentary exploring OCD – it sheds light on an illness which desperately needs more understanding and compassion from the public at large.

The documentary offers an honest insight into life with OCD through interviews with people who have dealt with this condition for much of their lives. From teenagers dealing with severe contamination fears to adults struggling to break free from compulsive behaviour patterns – viewers will get an intimate look into how OCD can affect different aspects of everyday life. Expert psychiatrists will also be featured in order to explain the scientific basis of this mental disorder as well as offer helpful advice for those who are seeking treatment or support for themselves or someone close to them.

If you want to learn more about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and gain a deeper understanding of what it means for those affected by it, then make sure you watch this thought-provoking documentary! By doing so, you’ll be helping spread awareness and show your support towards all those who have been impacted by this challenging mental health condition.

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David B