Mar 23, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

In 1971, paleontologist Mike Voorhies made an extraordinary discovery in the farmland around the Midwest town of Orchard. After heavy rains across much of East Nebraska had subsided, Voorhies unearthed a trove of fossils that gave a glimpse into prehistoric times. He found the bones of 200 fossilized rhinos, along with camels, lizards, horses and turtles. Radiocarbon dating concluded that they all died suddenly 10 million years ago — yet no one could explain why.

Voorhies’ incredible find highlighted how many mysteries still lie beneath the surface when it comes to understanding Earth’s past. To help answer some of these questions and explore his findings further, a documentary was created about Voorhies and his expedition titled ‘The Lost World: Prehistoric Disaster.’ The film examines not only the circumstances leading up to his discovery but also delves into theories behind what caused these species to die out so rapidly.

This award-winning documentary offers viewers a captivating insight into this mysterious event from millions of years ago. Through interviews with experts in the field and vivid recreations, ‘The Lost World: Prehistoric Disaster’ brings history to life for those who love both science and adventure. So if you’re looking to take a journey through time and uncover some hidden secrets about our planet’s ancient past, then be sure to watch this spectacular documentary!

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David B