*RE-UPLOAD* Mexico:”La Bestia”

May 22, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Every year, 400,000 people undertake a perilous journey of some 2500 kilometres from Central America to reach the USA illegally. This treacherous journey is often referred to as ‘La Bestia’ (The Beast) among the migrants, and involves hitching a ride on top of freight trains running through desert and jungle terrain all the way up to the US border.

This treacherous undertaking has been documented by numerous journalists, who have reported on the dangers faced by these illegal immigrants as they traverse Mexico. The perils they face include dehydration, exhaustion, robbery, rape, kidnapping and murder — all too common occurrences along the route. Even those who make it across to the US border are not guaranteed safety; for many of them life in an overcrowded detention centre awaits.

The documentary ‘La Bestia’ paints a vivid picture of this dangerous journey undertaken by thousands of people every year in their desperate search for what they believe will be better lives in America. It follows a group of Honduran migrants as they embark upon their odyssey northwards through Mexico. Through interviews with the migrants and those that help them along their trip we gain an understanding of why these people risk so much and what drives them to keep going despite incredible hardship.

For anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of this widely reported but little understood phenomenon then ‘La Bestia’ provides an excellent insight into life on La Bestia itself; its risks as well as its rewards. So if you’re looking for an thought-provoking account of real human struggle then watch ‘La Bestia’ today!

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David B