Not so easy to train a monkey – The Lords of the Animals

Sep 20, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Nature, Videos

Monkeys are among the most beloved creatures in the animal kingdom, often seen as gentle, playful and mischievous. But training a monkey is no easy task – something The Lords of the Animals documentary seeks to prove.

The Lords of the Animals is a captivating exploration into the lives of those who train macaques for circus performances, street shows, and other public spectacles. Through unique character-driven stories, viewers gain an empathetic insight into the intricate bond between human and primate. They follow extraordinary trainers as they take on these wild animals, revealing how centuries of tradition and custom inform their methods.

The award-winning documentary takes viewers around India, discovering how deep devotion compels people to tame some of nature’s most advanced primates. We are shown how one man can build a relationship with his pet macaque over years of dedication and patience; we see a monkey handler possess incredible skills that have been developed over generations; we watch as monkeys become performers in front of adoring crowds; and finally learn what it takes to make a wild monkey enter into captivity and submission.

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David B