Iceland, which volcano will be the next to wake up?

Jun 19, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

The next volcanic activity in Iceland may be closer than any of us think. In the documentary “Volcanic Island: The Future of Iceland”, geologists and volcanologists take viewers on a journey to explore the breathtakingly beautiful but volatile land that is Iceland.

Iceland is home to around 130 volcanoes, all of which are part of the same tectonic plate which lies above the boundary between two continental plates – the Eurasian and North American plates. With this constant shifting and motion, it’s not difficult to understand why seismic activity is so common here. In fact, there have been over 400 eruptions since settlement began in 874 AD.

Nowadays, scientists are monitoring various seismometers placed on the island as a way to track any potential movements deep below ground level. Through state-of-the-art equipment such as GPS sensors and satellite imagery, they are able to keep a close eye on any changes that might signal an impending eruption.

So far, only some minor tremors have been felt across different parts of the country, yet these small indications point towards something greater potentially taking place in the near future. As such, “Volcanic Island: The Future of Iceland” offers viewers an insight into what could come next by delving into past eruptions and looking at how they have affected both human lives and nature alike.

Whether it’s learning about how volcanoes shape Iceland’s culture or uncovering new truths about its geography; “Volcanic Island: The Future of Iceland” is a must watch for anyone with an interest in discovering more about this amazing country and its captivating history with volcanoes. So don’t miss out – tune in now!

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David B