Foreign Legion: How to Survive in the Hostile Amazon Rainforest

Oct 30, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The French Foreign Legion have a long and storied history, and their recent mission to the heart of the Amazon was a testament to their resolve and strength. For over a month, these elite soldiers braved the treacherous jungle as they marched through some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

In the Amazon rainforest, no amount of training or preparation can fully prepare you for what nature can throw at you. From extreme temperatures to brutal humidity, from huge insects that can carry away small animals to caimans lurking in the rivers and streams, nothing is off-limits in this incredibly diverse world.

Yet despite all of these challenges, the Legionnaires remained focused and determined throughout their journey. They spent hours working hard in sweltering heat as they navigated through dense vegetation and raging rivers with little more than a machete as they cut through it all. The team eventually reached their destination but not without taking countless risks along the way. It was an incredible feat of endurance that truly tested them both physically and mentally.

Now we have an opportunity to see firsthand what these brave men faced on their trek into the Amazon rainforest. Through this documentary we explore this hazardous mission conducted by one of the world’s most remarkable military forces – The French Foreign Legion. Following along every step of their journey provides us with an unique insight into how these intrepid soldiers cope with such a challenging environment whilst maintaining dedication to duty even under immense pressure.

So join us as we follow The French Foreign Legion on this extraordinary adventure deep in the Amazon rainforest and be amazed by sheer determination displayed by these outstanding soldiers!

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David B