Deadliest Journeys – Colombia/Venezuela: Trafficking Across the Border

Nov 20, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, People, Travel, Videos

The land of the Andes Mountains, situated between Columbia and Venezuela, is a wild and untamed region full of secrets. This 2200km stretch of jungle, which is often referred to as ‘no-man’s land’, has long been a paradise for cartels and criminals who have made it their home. However, they don’t deal in cocaine here, but rather in petrol.

This region of South America is steeped in mystery. Its remote location means that it can be used as a safe haven for smugglers and drug traffickers who want to avoid the authorities. It also provides an opportunity for them to sell petrol without having to pay taxes or duties. The petrol industry in this area is worth billions each year and many people have become rich from its sale.

Petrol smuggling is not just affecting Colombia and Venezuela; it is also impacting other countries across the region too. As the profits from such activities are put back into the criminal networks responsible for them, there has been an increase in criminality across the continent. With more money going into criminal networks than ever before, more dangerous weapons are surfacing that could potentially be used to attack innocent people or interfere with government policies.

All of this has been captured on camera by filmmakers Josefina Vázquez Mota and Rafael Correa Delgado in their documentary ‘No Man’s Land’. The film explores how these petroleum smugglers operate within this untamed land while examining how their actions have impacted both countries involved. Through interviews with locals, oil workers, politicians and police officers viewers get an insight into how these forces operate beyond official borders as well as how illegal activities shape society in different ways.

The footage presented throughout ‘No Man’s Land’ offers viewers a unique perspective on the problems caused by petrol smuggling within the region and will likely leave them with questions about what should be done to prevent such operations from taking place again in future years. If you’re looking for an eye-opening exploration of a little known part of South America then this documentary is worth a watch!

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