Deadliest Journeys – Bolivia: The Road Of Death

Sep 23, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, People, Political, Videos

The Yungas region of Bolivia is a land like no other. Situated between the towering heights of the Altiplano and the lush Amazon rainforest, it is a landscape of steep valleys and precipitous pathways, traversed by a single road—the infamous “Camino de la Muerte”—that links La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia, to the riches of the Amazon basin.

Originally constructed in the 1930s, this dangerous stretch of asphalt traverses some of the most inhospitable terrain imaginable. With its highest point at an elevation of 4700 meters, it snakes through ravines and over blinding cliffs, with only a crumbling wall standing between vehicles and certain death on one side. Fog can descend suddenly, reducing visibility to zero within seconds. Unsurprisingly then, decades after its construction, this treacherous road continues to claim lives every year.

Yet despite its reputation as being one of the world’s most dangerous roads, there are those who choose to take their chances along its perilous route. As travelers make their way down from La Cumbre pass in search of fortune beyond the clouds, they become part of an extraordinary drama that plays out encased in mystery and danger – a journey into unknown lands that has captivated documentary filmmakers for generations.

If you want to experience this riveting adventure for yourself but don’t have time for the long trek across Bolivia’s rugged mountainsides then why not watch ‘El Camino de la Muerte: The Road to Death’, an award-winning documentary about this incredible place? Through interviews with locals and stunning footage shot along this perilous highway you will get a glimpse into all that lies beyond La Paz—a mysterious world where life always hangs in balance and beauty blooms amidst tragedy.

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David B