Could Botswana be the Garden of Eden on Earth? | Subtitled Documentary

May 23, 2023 | Environmental, Nature

The Garden of Eden is an elusive concept that has enthralled humanity for centuries. For many, the search for the mythical garden continues, and Botswana’s stunningly diverse landscape may provide some clues. Located in southern Africa, Botswana is home to a variety of species that are able to thrive in its unique environment.

Covering much of the country is the Kalahari desert which provides a natural refuge for animals seeking shelter from predators. The Okavango River flows into this desert creating an oasis in the midst of otherwise barren terrain. Here a variety of creatures can take advantage of the plentiful resources that this river supplies them with. Elephants, buffalo, antelopes and plenty more find sanctuary within these wetlands.

This rich habitat has also been protected due to Botswana’s commitment to conservation efforts despite their population size being only 2 million people worldwide. Thanks to these initiatives, wildlife can roam free without worry of human interference or poaching. This gives us hope that one day this may be the Garden of Eden we envision – a safe haven for all creatures living together in harmony and peace – as seen in nature documentaries such as BBC Earth’s “Okavango: Rivers of Eden” which captures this beautiful reality on film and explores Botswana’s intriguing landscape in detail!

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David B