Congo | In The Forest With Dangerous Rebel Group

Aug 28, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Congo region in Central Africa is a hotbed of conflict. For years, rebel groups have used the thick jungles as a refuge and sanctuary from which to launch their campaigns of terror and destruction. Despite numerous attempts by the United Nations to bring about peace, these violent factions continue to plague the area.

The Congo’s dense forests provide both cover and resources for these militias. Illegal mining operations funded by the sale of valuable minerals are rampant in the area, adding another source of income for rebel groups. Meanwhile, innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire with little or no protection from law enforcement or international intervention.

The situation is further complicated by the instability and disorganization of Congo’s government forces, who fail to present a unified front against these rebels. The UN has worked hard to broker truces between warring parties, but its efforts have been largely unsuccessful due to lack of commitment on all sides.

These ongoing conflicts threaten not only local communities but also regional stability throughout Central Africa. To raise awareness about this intractable issue, award-winning director Ben Affleck recently released his newest documentary “East of the Congo”. In it, he shines a light on this forgotten crisis and its toll on millions of people living in fear every day.

It’s time that we take notice of this forgotten conflict and do what we can to help those affected by it. By watching “East of the Congo” you can gain more insight into just how dire this crisis is and take action with your support. We must all work together towards finding lasting solutions before it’s too late for those living in East Africa caught up in this never-ending cycle of violence and destruction.

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David B