COLOMBIA, The Other Side

Nov 17, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Colombia is a country of great beauty and charm, with a rich and diverse landscape and culture that are sure to fascinate any traveler. On this incredible tour, you’ll explore the stunning countryside from the capital city of Bogotá to the Caribbean coast.

Your journey will begin in Bogotá, situated at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level. Here you can enjoy the vibrant street life of La Candelaria and visit iconic sites such as Plaza Bolivar and Gold Museum. From there, you’ll cross the mighty Andes Mountains and arrive in Popayàn—the “White City”—where you can explore its ancient cobblestone streets and world-renowned churches.

You’ll also visit Cali, dubbed the “Salsa Capital of the World” where locals dance in traditional clubs until sunrise! Plus there’s Medellin—official host of South America’s biggest music festival. From here, it’s off to Cartagena—the city with more than 500 years of history—before heading back north to the Caribbean Coast where you can experience some of Colombia’s best beaches.

No Colombian tour would be complete without taking time out to discover rural regions, meet indigenous peoples and explore some prestigious archaeological sites such as Ciudad Perdida (the lost city). This unique journey will give you a deep insight into Colombia’s fascinating culture while allowing you to take in its stunning landscapes by road – giving a much closer look at daily life for local inhabitants.

This documentary offers viewers a rare opportunity to experience all that Colombia has to offer – from its bustling cities full of culture and color, to its majestic mountainscapes; from its vibrant nightlife scenes to its captivating colonial architecture. So join us on this amazing Colombian adventure – one that your friends will be envious of!

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David B