Colombia: Calling Siloé home

Apr 24, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

As a typical Colombian barrio, Siloé has been associated with violence and drugs for years, and its residents have been subject to harsh stereotypes, hindering their integration into the wider society. However, the citizens of Siloé have decided that they are no longer willing to be defined by their past. In a remarkable instance of grassroots activism, they have come together to break the stereotypes and paint their neighborhood in a new, positive light.

A community historian and a graffiti artist have joined forces to lead the charge. David Gómez is taking tourists on a tour of the neighborhood, sharing its rich cultural history and demonstrating that Siloé has much more to offer than its unfortunate reputation suggests. Meanwhile, Apu Siloé is using his art to showcase the beauty of the area and to memorialize the local heroes who have stepped forward to promote positive change. In this documentary, Nicole Frölich and Antonia Schaefer have captured the inspiring story of a community that is determined to shape its own destiny and leave behind a legacy of hope and progress.

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