Black Taxis – Full Documentary

Oct 27, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Thirty years of conflict have come to an end, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has laid down its arms. But life after war does not always provide a clear path forward. Brendan, Gerald, and Tom—all former volunteers of the IRA—face this reality head-on in a powerful documentary which chronicles their struggles to rebuild their lives after many years spent away from home.

The documentary follows each of these men as they confront the question of how to move on beyond the armed struggle and into more peaceful means of living. How can they face judgement from society, when they may still be viewed as criminals? Can they accept that peace is not necessarily equivalent to victory? The film dives into these questions through firsthand interviews with Brendan, Gerald, and Tom, unearthing their innermost hopes for letting go of the past and embracing something new for themselves and their country.

The challenges that Brendan, Gerald and Tom are attempting to overcome are shared by millions around the world who are seeking a better future for themselves despite hardships endured in the past. As viewers bear witness to these men’s struggles towards redemption or acceptance; we witness a universal story about hope in times of difficulty. We invite you to watch this powerful documentary as it sheds light on what it takes for individuals to move forward in life after war..

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David B