The Choice 2008

Mar 29, 2023 | Political, Videos

This documentary, with the support of the unmistakable narrative by Will Lyman who represents the essence of this documentary, takes viewers through the political voyages of representatives Barack Obama and John McCain, the unrealistically presidential candidates of the two noteworthy political parties in the United States.

“The Choice 2008” is not just a sequential history record of these two men. The film starts with two imperative discourses of 2004: Barack Obama’s discourse at the Democratic National Convention and the discourse by McCain at the Republican National Convention. The narrative follows each man’s political rising to their 2004 addresses which from numerous points of view was the informal start of their formal run for the administration.

The narrative then ventures into the past and accounts each man’s history and their political ascend, switching from one story to the other. The documentary itself manages to faithfully portray the high and low points of the careers of these politicians.

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Riyan H.