Stealing Africa

Mar 14, 2024 | Economics, Videos

Zambia’s copper resources have been a major source of wealth for many multi-national corporations in the last decade, yet the country itself remains mired in poverty. Despite having extracted $29 billion dollars worth of copper from Zambia’s mines since 2010, the nation is still ranked among the 20 poorest on Earth.

This shocking disparity is documented in a new documentary film called “Copper and Poverty in Zambia”. Through interviews with industry insiders, academics and government officials, it paints an incisive portrait of how global demand for copper has come at a terrible cost to Zambians. The film shines a light on how foreign interests have benefited from Zambia’s natural resources while its citizens have been left behind.

The documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain more insight into the socially and economically destructive legacy of mining operations around the world. It reveals how vulnerable countries like Zambia are exploited by transnational corporations searching for quick profits at any cost. In addition to exploring corporate misdeeds, it also looks at ways that local communities can protect their rights and fight back against oppressive policies.

For a comprehensive look at how one developing country has been impacted by foreign corporate greed, “Copper and Poverty in Zambia

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David B