Inequality – how wealth becomes power (1/3)

May 6, 2023 | Health, People, Social, Videos

This thought-provoking documentary dives deep into Germany’s complex and pressing issue of inequality. Despite being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, the country’s income gap is widening at an alarming rate. While the rich keep getting richer, the poor are struggling to keep up, and the middle class is in danger of losing its status. Aging populations and stagnant wages may adversely affect the younger generation, which has less disposable income than previous ones.

Through in-depth interviews with leading economists and researchers, including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and economist Thomas Piketty, the roots of inequality are explored. The documentary also follows Christoph Gröner, one of Germany’s real estate tycoons, as he offers insights into his high-stakes industry. Hoarding immense wealth, Gröner offers a unique view on the impact of money on society: “If you throw money out the window, it comes back in through the front door.” Branko Milanović, former lead economist at the World Bank, highlights that the lower-middle class of affluent countries such as Germany is among the losers of globalization, earning the same amount as two decades ago. As the documentary exposes these pressing issues, it poses the question: Will wealthy nations choose to resist the trend of inequality, or let it tear their societies apart?

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David B