Maxed Out

May 18, 2024 | Economics, Videos

Maxed Out, the stirring muckraking documentary directed by James D. Scurlock, is a powerful examination of the ever-increasing consumer debt plaguing America. By spotlighting the most egregious examples of this crisis—from financial lenders who prey upon vulnerable farm families to college students burdened with insurmountable credit card debt—Scurlock conveys the sobering realities of life in a society where debt has become an unavoidable part of daily existence for many.

Through interviews with those affected, as well as conversations with experts across many different financial sectors, Maxed Out paints an urgent portrait of consumer debt and its consequences. In vivid detail, Scurlock portrays how such debt can lead to overwhelming anxiety, depression, and in some cases even suicide. He also explores many of the underlying factors that have allowed for this crisis to so rapidly take hold: from irresponsible lending practices to misleading marketing strategies.

At once thought-provoking and emotionally devastating, Maxed Out is essential viewing for anyone looking to better understand the gravity of our nation’s current financial situation. For those interested in exploring this topic further, it’s an invaluable resource; however, even casual viewers will come away from it feeling more informed and engaged than before they began watching. To truly comprehend just how much damage unchecked debt can cause in people’s lives, look no further than Maxed Out—it’s required viewing material for anyone looking to get up to speed on one of today’s hottest topics.

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David B