Inside Belarus: Putin’s Puppet Regime | Documentary

Aug 18, 2023 | Culture, Economics, Environmental, History, People, Videos

Inside Belarus, a documentary produced by the BBC, provides a powerful look into the current crisis facing the country. For more than two decades, Belarus has been under the rule of autocrat Alexander Lukashenko, who has been backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The documentary shows how Lukashenko has used authoritarian tactics to maintain power and control over his citizens. It also reveals how he has managed to suppress dissent and keep foreign media out of the country. Despite the restrictions imposed on it, Inside Belarus still manages to uncover and report on some of the government’s most oppressive practices.

It focuses particularly on civil society activists who continue to stand up for democracy despite regular harassment from authorities. Their presence is especially important in light of recent protests against President Lukashenko’s election victory in August 2020 – an event many viewed as fraudulent. The documentary sheds light on how protesters have been met with brutal police crackdowns and violent repression from a regime determined to stay in power.

Inside Belarus offers an eye-opening insight into what is happening in one of Europe’s least known countries and provides a compelling argument for why we must pay attention to this ongoing crisis. It is essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand what is going on inside Belarus and why its future remains uncertain. So be sure to watch Inside Belarus: Putin’s Puppet Regime and learn more about one of today’s most important international stories.

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David B