Deadliest Journeys: Ethiopia

Jul 2, 2023 | Culture, Economics, Environmental, History, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Ethiopia has been ravaged by deadly traffic accidents for years, with insufficient infrastructure and inadequate safety regulations contributing to the high casualty count. Trains and trucks traverse roads that were built in another era, often in hazardous conditions such as rain or slippery surfaces. The transport of passengers and goods is primarily carried out by trucks in the south of the country, yet many don’t possess basic safety features like seatbelts or airbags.

The documentary Ethiopia: Surviving a Deadly Journey takes viewers on a gripping journey along these roads and into the lives of truck drivers as they travel through dangerous terrain with no regard for their own safety. The film follows two drivers as they navigate the roadways, and reveals how daily life is affected by these life-threatening conditions.

This captivating documentary uncovers one of Ethiopia’s most pressing issues – transportation safety. It puts a human face on an otherwise overwhelming problem, highlighting not just the dangers but also the courage and resilience of those who risk their lives driving these trucks day after day. With insightful interviews, powerful visuals, and stories from those on the front lines, this documentary is essential viewing for anyone wishing to better understand what it means to survive a deadly journey in Ethiopia.

We invite you to watch Ethiopia: Surviving a Deadly Journey – an important exploration into how people endure despite perilous conditions each day. Through this film, you will gain insight into never-seen-before perspectives on this country’s ongoing struggles with transportation safety while recognizing what courage it requires to make it through even one ride alive.

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David B