Deadliest Journeys – China : The dizzy valley of the forgotten

May 23, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, History, Lifestyle, People, Videos

The Duong Valley Road is more than just a means of access between China, Burma and Tibet – it’s one of the most dangerous roads in China. It starts off as a paved road for the first thirty kilometers, but quickly turns into an extremely treacherous track.

Drivers who take on this challenge face many dangers, from landslides to mudslides to tunnels that are too narrow for vehicles to pass through. These treacherous conditions can make the journey seem impossible at times, and have been known to require several attempts before successful completion.

It takes an experienced driver to navigate this route with any level of comfort or safety; even then, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. Those willing to brave the road face landslides, mudslides, and impassable passages that can only be navigated by foot or on horseback. In addition, many parts of the path are completely unpaved and poorly kept up – making it difficult for drivers to maintain control over their vehicles.

The dangers posed by this journey are highlighted in the documentary “Duoang Valley Road: The Most Dangerous Road in China.” Through interviews with locals and drivers alike, this movie explores what it takes to traverse one of the world’s most challenging roads – all while showing viewers just how treacherous the region can be.

Whether you’re a fan of documentary films or simply interested in learning more about one of China’s most dangerous driving routes, Duong Valley Road: The Most Dangerous Road in China is sure to provide an interesting look into this unique region – and a compelling reason why travelers should think twice before attempting it themselves.

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