China: Men without Women

May 21, 2023 | Culture, Health, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Chinese men are facing an increasingly serious dilemma due to the Chinese one-child policy that was implemented in 1979. This policy has resulted in a significant shortage of women, causing 1 in 5 Chinese men to not be able to find a partner within the next five years.

This situation has become so concerning that it is now the focus of a new documentary film: ‘Leftover Men’. The film follows three men from Beijing in their quest for love and happiness. It paints a vivid picture of their struggles, and highlights how this social imbalance affects traditional rituals such as arranged marriage and dating customs.

The current gender ratio imbalance is extremely worrying, with reports showing that there are 33 million more men than women in China today. Due to this, many young men are feeling pressure from their families to marry sooner rather than later; however they are also finding themselves unable to meet potential partners due to the lack of available women.

The effects of this gender imbalance continuing into the future could be devastating if it is not addressed soon enough. Men who remain single face social stigma and loneliness, while those who do marry may find themselves unable to have children – an issue that could lead to further issues down the line such as mental health problems.

‘Leftover Men’ provides an important insight into this issue, giving viewers an intimate look at how these young men’s lives have been affected by one of China’s most controversial policies. It encourages us all to take action on this pressing matter and encourages viewers to consider how we can work towards solving this impending crisis.

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David B