China’s Ghost Children

Jul 5, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Nature, Videos

China’s One Child Policy, which has been in effect since the late 1970s, has led to a huge population growth of illegal children that have been subjected to extreme discrimination and exclusion. These so-called ‘Haihaizi’ (ghost children) are prohibited from obtaining official documentation, meaning they cannot legally marry, bear children or even use public transport.

ARTE Reportage now offers viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of these forbidden children through their documentary ‘Haihaizi: The Forbidden Generation’. This powerful film follows several of China’s Haihaizi as they struggle to survive in a society that refuses to acknowledge their existence.

Through interviews with family members and experts on Chinese demographics, along with intimate footage of individuals living in the shadows, this documentary paints an emotional portrait of those affected by the One Child Policy. It also highlights the urgent need for greater understanding and support within China for those who have been denied basic rights due to their status as ghost children.

Given the gravity of this issue and its impact on millions of people worldwide, ‘Haihaizi: The Forbidden Generation’ is an essential documentary not to be missed. With its heartbreaking stories and eye-opening insights into modern Chinese life, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who watch it. So tune in now to witness China’s hidden history and stand up for those oppressed by one of humanity’s greatest injustices.

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David B