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May 18, 2023 | Lifestyle, Religion, Social, Travel, Videos

The Irish Travellers are a distinct ethnic minority group facing staggering rates of social exclusion and suffering. The plight of the Travellers has been highlighted by a recent study conducted by the European Union, which revealed that 11% of them die by suicide, with many not managing to reach 65 years old. This is the highest rate of mortality among any minority group in Europe and serves as a stark reminder that much more needs to be done to protect this vulnerable population.

The Irish Travellers live on the peripheries of society, often in conditions of extreme poverty and deprivation. They lack access to basic amenities such as healthcare, education and employment opportunities, leaving them facing an uphill battle for survival. Moreover, these issues are further compounded by an acute lack of political representation for their community on both local and national levels.

This shocking reality is brought into focus through the documentary ‘The Great Invisible’ which follows one Irish family’s journey from homelessness onto a path towards greater security and stability for their future. In addition to highlighting the tragic realities faced by many Irish Traveller families daily, it also provides an insight into the resilience and determination that they possess in order to overcome adversity and progress towards a brighter future.

The film offers an invaluable perspective into this marginalized community’s struggles and serves as an urgent call to action for governments and other policymakers at all levels to provide support for those who need it most – irrespective of their ethnicity or social standing. It is essential that measures be taken in order to improve living conditions of this unique culture within our society – especially considering they have been part of it since at least the 16th century – so we can ensure everyone has access to all basic needs required for a healthy life.

We invite you to watch this powerful documentary about the plight of Ireland’s Traveller population and how we can take steps together towards creating solutions that will benefit them all.

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