China: One Country, Many Facets

Jul 9, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, People, Social, Videos

China is a country of immense diversity, with many cultural, ethnic and social differences. In Émilie Aubry’s new documentary, viewers will explore the different faces of China from the inside out. Starting in Wuhan – the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic – viewers can delve into various Chinese provinces, discovering both commonalities and sharp contrasts between East and West, Han and minorities.

It is both through its international diplomacy and investment that China has captivated us all; however this documentary allows us to understand China in an entirely different light. We learn of its giant yet distinct territories; we are humbled by the sheer scope of its culture and societal disparities.

The documentary offers a unique lens into a country that often remains mysterious to outsiders. From bustling urban metropolises to rural villages, there is something for everyone in this incredible exploration of what lies beneath the surface. With interviews from citizens across China as well as experts on global politics, audiences gain invaluable insight into this extraordinary nation.

Watching Émilie Aubry’s documentary provides an invaluable opportunity to leave behind preconceived notions about China and instead understand it in a much more nuanced way. So don’t miss out on this journey – explore China from within!

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David B