Tortured by Mum and Dad: The Turpin 13

Aug 27, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Turpin 13 documentary reveals the shocking truth behind the infamous “House of Horrors” case. Once shown to be an idyllic family, Louise and David Turpin kept a dark secret from even their own children. It wasn’t until a brave teenaged daughter finally summoned the courage to escape that the true horror was revealed.

The documentary tells the story of how 13 children were held captive in their California home for years, subjected to torture and deprivation by their parents. They were denied food, basic hygiene items; they were locked away in grimy closets and only allowed out to practice pre-rehearsed statements on TV interviews. Some of the older children were forced to take part in bizarre punishments, like shackling one child in order to protect another from any punishment at all.

The Turpin 13 offers a glimpse into this tragic family’s history, including exclusive interviews with former neighbors and teachers who thought everything was normal at first before realizing that something sinister was going on behind closed doors. There are also harrowing accounts from family members who have since been released from captivity – stories that will bring tears to the eyes of viewers everywhere.

Those interested in hearing more about this incredible story should definitely check out The Turpin 13 documentary. Not only does it tell an important story about abuse and neglect, but it also shows a powerful example of strength and resilience that can come out of difficult situations – one that could offer some hope for many other families facing similar circumstances today.

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