The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley

Aug 8, 2023 | Crime, Videos

When Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos in 2003, she was set to revolutionize the medical industry with its miniature labs that could perform a range of blood tests. With its capabilities, Theranos quickly gained traction in Silicon Valley and was valued at an astonishing $9 billion, making it one of the most valuable private companies in America. Visionaries like Steve Jobs were held up as parallels for her work and her ambition seemed unstoppable.

However, accusations of fraud soon began to surface and the dream that Holmes had worked so hard to create began to unravel. In 2018, she was indicted on wire fraud charges and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The story has since become one of the most discussed topics in the tech world, with many debating whether Holmes’ intentions were originally genuine or if it was all an elaborate scheme from the start.

Now you can watch this story unfold for yourself with “The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley” – Alex Gibney’s documentary about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. Through interviews with those who were directly affected by this scandal and an in-depth look into both sides of the argument, Gibney takes you through one of the most compelling stories coming out of Silicon Valley. Don’t miss your chance to see how this captivating narrative unfolds – catch “The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley” today!

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David B