The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Steve Jobs

Oct 3, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Technology

Nothing captures a great story better than a documentary. For the millions of people who have been touched by Steve Jobs and his impact on our daily lives, there are multiple documentaries that showcase his life and work. From biographical films to an exploration into Apple’s culture and business dealings, here is a list of some of the best documentaries about Steve Jobs. Dive in to learn more about this brilliant innovator and the man behind the tech revolution.


1. History of Steve Jobs

The story of Steve Jobs is one that continues to inspire generations. Despite his humble beginnings, he managed to build the most valuable brand in the world and revolutionize multiple industries. His identity was synonymous with Apple’s, so when he resigned, many believed that the company could no longer innovate without him – but they failed to recognize the greatest gift Jobs left behind. His philosophy. Get an insider view on Jobs’ remarkable journey to success, and explore the lasting legacy he left behind for us all.


2. One of the Greatest Speeches Ever

Few people achieved as much in life as Steve Jobs. His rags-to-riches story is an inspiration to dreamers everywhere. From the launch of the Macintosh computer in 1984 to the release of the iPod and iPhone, Jobs left his mark on technology and beyond. Through it all, he gave a number of inspirational speeches that will never be forgotten. In fact, one of his most memorable moments was the commencement speech he gave at Stanford University in 2005. In it, he discussed the importance of following your heart and making bold decisions in order to live a fulfilling life.


3. Steve Jobs: How a Dreamer Changed the World

From his early beginnings as a tech dreamer to one of the most influential figures in the world of technology, GAME CHANGERS uncovers Steve Jobs’ fascinating story. Delving into intimate interviews with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former CEO John Scully, journalist Michael Moritz, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, ‘Mac Evangelist’ Guy Kawasaki, and technology journalist Robert X. Cringely, this documentary reveals Jobs’ leadership style, management processes and creative genius from those who knew him best. Explore the complex yet inspiring life of a true visionary – Steve Jobs – as well as his lasting legacy on our world today. Experience how the passion and vision of one man can truly change the world.


4. Motivational movie : Steve Jobs Life Story in English

Motivation, inspiration and success – these are the three pillars that can be found in the life story of Steve Jobs. The captivating English documentary retraces his incredible journey from a rebellious youngster to the tech giant he became. It offers an in-depth exploration of his work at Apple and Pixar, as well as his personal relationships with family and friends. One of the most acclaimed documentaries ever made, Steve Jobs Life Story in English offers a compelling insight into the life and times of one of the greatest minds of our time. Reunite with his early struggles and follow his ascent to fame as he builds some of the world’s most iconic tech products.


5. Why these two Steve Jobs biopics are not the same

The story of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is one that has been captured on film twice, but with two entirely different visions. First, there was Aaron Sorkin’s and Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs,’ starring Michael Fassbender. This critically acclaimed take on the biopic genre tells the compelling tale of Jobs’ life in an engaging and innovative way that few have seen. Then there’s the other Steve Jobs movie, ‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher, which is more of a cautionary tale than an accurate biopic. It shows what can go wrong when filmmakers take liberties and focus on sensationalism rather than authenticity.


6. From the 60 Minutes Archive: Steve Jobs

It’s been five years since the passing of Steve Jobs, but his legacy lives on through Apple and its products. To mark the 45th anniversary of Apple’s founding, let’s take a look back at one of the most influential documentaries about him – “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview”. This film takes us inside the mind of one of computing’s titans, examining his vision, strategy and personality. With archival footage from the 2011 60 Minutes interview, Steve Jobs speaks candidly about everything from how he got started to where he thought Apple was heading next.


7. Lisa: Steve Jobs’ sabotage and Apple’s secret burial

The Lisa: a dream computer gone wrong. It was meant to be the future of Apple, the revolutionary new machine that would put them ahead of their competition and make them one of the most influential technology companies in the world. But things didn’t go as planned. Steve Jobs championed it at first, but then after making some changes and removing certain features he turned against it. He even went so far as to hire goons to sabotage the development of the Lisa.


8. Steve Jobs Full Documentary On His Entire Life

Steve Jobs’ life was a unique story of success and innovation that left an impact on the world that will be remembered for generations to come. Born in 1955 as the biological child of two university students, Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, he was adopted at an early age by Clara and Paul Jobs. His adoptive father was an American machinist, and his adoptive mother was an accountant. Despite the lower-class background of his new parents, Jobs went on to have a remarkable career that changed the technology landscape forever.


9. iPhone 1 – Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007

At MacWorld in 2007, Steve Jobs presented the world with a revolutionary product that would forever change the industry. The original iPhone was unveiled and it marked the start of an era for mobile devices. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, it’s important to look back at his innovations in mobile technology. Many have hailed this keynote talk as one of the most important moment in modern mobile history, and it’s easy to understand why. Jobs’ vision for the future of mobile phones was completely revolutionary at the time, and it stands as a testament to his innovative spirit.


10. Steve Jobs Biography in Hindi

A visionary, innovator, perfectionist and genius! This is how we can describe the late Steve Paul Jobs. He was the co-founder and former chairman of Apple Inc., one of the world’s most renowned technology companies. His remarkable contribution to the tech industry has made him a household name in many parts of the world. From basic products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad to revolutionary ones like the MacBook Air and Apple Watch, Jobs revolutionized the way people use technology. His contribution has drastically changed the lives of billions.

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