The Fritzl Affair

Aug 4, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The documentary “The Secret of Josef Fritzl” takes viewers on a journey to uncover the truth behind one of the most disturbing cases of modern history. The film follows the filmmakers as they travel to Amstetten, Austria in search of answers into why Josef Fritzl kept his daughter imprisoned in his basement for 24 years and forced her to bear him seven children.

Through interviews with psychiatrists, journalists and former friends, viewers get an insight into the psyche of Fritzl, who had a troubled childhood but managed to make something of himself as a businessman and landlord. What is remarkable is how his neighbors were completely unaware that this seemingly respectable engineer had been capable of such heinous acts – despite living just meters away.

The interviews are combined with archival footage and dramatic reconstructions to create a truly heartbreaking story that needs to be heard. Viewers will be left feeling both heartbroken and inspired by such an incredible story of courage and resilience within the darkest circumstances imaginable.

Do not miss out on this powerful documentary which provides an important insight into human nature and our capacity for good and evil alike. With its compelling narrative, “The Secret Of Josef Fritzl” encourages us all to look beyond our preconceptions about people we may never understand or even know.

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David B