Stickup Kid

Mar 17, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Alonza Thomas was just sixteen years old when he became the first minor to be tried as an adult in Kern County, California under Proposition 21. This is a story at the heart of a powerful documentary by FRONTLINE, which reveals how Thomas was sentenced to serve thirteen years in a super-maximum prison for attempted armed robbery – despite his young age.

The documentary explores the issue of underage offenders being tried and sentenced as adults, and the long-term impact this can have on those involved. In Alonza’s case, the documentary follows him as he copes with his incarceration and begins to understand what it means to be labeled a criminal from such a young age.

This thoughtful and thought-provoking short film sheds light on one of the most important issues facing modern society today: How are young people being treated by our justice system? It asks difficult questions about what kind of society we want to create for our youth, and invites viewers to consider their own roles in shaping it.

It’s a powerful story that everyone should see. Through candid interviews with Alonza himself and those closest to him, FRONTLINE highlights how easy it is for an entire life

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David B