Secrets of Mexico’s Drug War

Feb 28, 2024 | Crime, Drugs, Videos

The American-Mexican drug war has been raging for decades, with billions of US dollars being spent every year to combat the powerful Mexican cartels. But recent reports suggest that the US government has gotten too close to some of the world’s most notorious criminals and have even cut deals with them. Evidence suggests that over 2500 firearms were shipped south to Mexico from US law enforcement agencies, leading to heightened tensions between both countries.

The consequences of this war are devastating, with cocaine and heroin still flooding into the United States. But despite these attempts by law enforcement officials to stem the flow of drugs across the border, it still continues to be a major issue for many Americans. This is why a new documentary – ‘Drug War Deals’, produced by award-winning filmmaker Matthew Heineman – seeks to uncover the truth behind America’s war on drugs.

Filmed over five years and with unprecedented access in both Mexico and America, ‘Drug War Deals’ dives deep into the depths of corruption, violence and political chaos that are engulfing both countries as they battle against powerful drug cartels. It sheds light on how power brokers manipulate those at the highest levels of politics in order to get their way while also offering a unique insight into how governments use tactics such as bribery and even murder in order to further their own agendas.

By examining how law enforcement agencies have become dangerously entangled with drug cartels, ‘Drug War Deals’ not only offers an insightful look into our current world but also serves as a stark warning about what could happen if we do not act decisively when it comes to illegal drug trafficking. For anyone wanting a better understanding of this long-running conflict between two nations, then this documentary is essential viewing.

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David B