Killers, Inc.

Oct 4, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Gherman Gorbuntsov is a Russian businessman who has served as banker to some of the most influential people in his nation over the last decade. His clients included the powerful and massive state-owned Russian Railways, which is managed by none other than the Kremlin itself. However, four years before a failed assassination attempt against him, Gorbuntsov had a fallen out with some of his partners and had to take refuge in Moldova – an infamous money-laundering hub.

It was here that he drew attention in the wrong way and was forced to flee again. This time he went all the way to London, where he currently resides today and recently got embroiled in yet another controversy – this time due to a documentary based on his life titled ‘The Banker Who Would Not Die’, directed by award winning filmmaker Pavel Kostomarov. It highlights Gorbuntsov’s story and how he survived the attempted murder back in 2012.

Watching this gripping documentary can be an eye opening experience for anyone interested in knowing about Russian politics or curious about what goes behind the scenes of banking empires around the world. It takes you into an intriguing narrative of Gherman’s life, including his courageous decision to speak out against those who wanted him dead. All of which makes for an immersive viewing experience that will leave viewers spellbound until its conclusion.

Therefore if readers are looking for an insight into how high-level players operate in Russian oligarchy or want a glimpse into what life is like as a banker at large organizations, then ‘The Banker Who Would Not Die’ is certainly worth checking out!

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David B