The Warsaw Ghetto

May 28, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Discover the incredible story of a Polish businessman whose relentless pursuit of capturing the truth of the Warsaw Ghetto cost him his own safety. Risking his life, he documented the everyday life of 500,000 people whose existence was sealed off from the outside world by a three-meter-high wall. His harrowing 8 mm films, hidden in archives for decades, are revealed to the public for the first time in this powerful and moving documentary.
Experience the daily struggles of those in the ghetto who had limited access to food and clean water,  and were later sent to concentration- or extermination camps under the watchful eye of their German occupiers. Through these films, witness the unimaginable cruelty of war and the human spirit’s resilience when pushed to the extreme. This hauntingly human documentary brings to life the desperate conditions of life in the Warsaw Ghetto, and features testimonies from witnesses describing the city’s life before the German invasion and graphic accounts of life in the ghetto.

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David B