Ashton Sachs: “I just started shooting”

Mar 13, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Ashton Sachs, the son of Jeffrey and Angelica Sachs, has recently taken up a new passion: filmmaking. His latest project is a documentary about his parents’ story, exploring their journey and ultimately how they met.

The film is called “Love in the Time of Covid” and explores the unique obstacles that this pandemic has put on people’s relationships. Ashton talks candidly about his parents’ challenges, from fear of separation to struggling with social distancing protocols. He also discusses their decisions to get married during the pandemic, despite all of the uncertainty they faced.

In his own words, Ashton says “I just started shooting. I wanted to make something that was honest and real about what it’s like to be in love during a pandemic. It’s not easy but it is possible!”

This documentary offers us an intimate look into a family’s struggles and triumphs while living through a pandemic—a situation that many others can relate to. We are able to see how a couple navigates love and marriage in difficult times as well as seeing how two people can come together despite all of the odds stacked against them.

Love in the Time of Covid is an inspiring tale for all couples who are looking for hope in trying times. Through his engaging storytelling, Ashton Sachs gives us an insight into what it means to be resilient in the face of adversity. We encourage everyone to watch this powerful documentary and celebrate all forms of love even through difficult circumstances.

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David B