Russia: Women Against War

Nov 14, 2023 | Conspiracy, Environmental, Justice, Military/War, Videos

In Russia, women are at the forefront of the protests opposing President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. One group leading this effort is FAWR (Feminist Anti War Resistance), a Telegram channel with 30,000 followers and counting. The channel has inspired young people like Paladdia, a designer who has already been thrown into jail

In Russia, female activists have been leading the way in protesting against President Putin’s war in Ukraine. One of these brave women is Paladdia, a young designer and member of the Feminist Anti War Resistance (FAWR) Telegram channel. This powerful movement has quickly gained over 30,000 followers since its inception and Paladdia has already

In Russia, many women are taking a stand against the war in Ukraine spearheaded by Vladimir Putin. The Telegram channel FAWR (Feminist Anti War Resistance) has become a beacon for those brave enough to voice their opposition and is rapidly gaining traction with 30,000 followers. Paladdia, a young designer and prominent activist in the movement

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David B