Emeralds: in the Heart of the Green Diamond Business

Dec 20, 2023 | Conspiracy, Environmental, Military/War, Videos

Emeralds have become a symbol of wealth and beauty for many throughout the world. The majority of these emeralds, however, come from one single place: the mines of Muzo, Colombia. This small town in the northern part of Colombia is responsible for supplying up to 75 percent of the world’s emeralds. Colombian emeralds are widely regarded as some of the highest quality stones on the market.

While this market is usually regulated, a bustling black market has sprung up in its shadow. This lucrative trade has attracted “esmeralderos” (emerald traders) who are selling their wares on streets all over South America. Unfortunately, due to the illicit nature of this industry, there is very little oversight or regulation of any kind.

A journalist based out of Bogota is currently uncovering more information about this illegal trade and its effects on the people and environment around it. Through interviews and investigative work, they are learning more about those involved in this shady business – from miners to smugglers – and how it affects them and their communities.

As a result of this journalist’s work, an upcoming documentary aims to shine a light on this largely-unchecked emerald black market. This film promises to be an eye-opening look into what goes on behind closed doors in Colombia’s mining industry. It will not only provide insight into how much money can be made off these precious gems but also how much damage can be done when taken advantage by criminal networks.

We encourage you to watch this documentary when it airs and learn more about the complicated dynamics surrounding Colombia’s most valued natural resource – its emeralds. With such powerful forces behind it, understanding both sides of this issue is essential to truly comprehending its implications moving forward.

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David B