Top 11 Best Documentaries about Dolphins

Jul 8, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

Dolphins are undeniably one of the most iconic sea creatures, with their unmistakable curved mouths giving them an endearing appearance of a permanent smile. With 36 species ranging from the giant Orca to the tiny Maui dolphin, these small-toothed cetaceans inhabit every ocean and even some freshwater rivers and streams. To gain a better understanding of this majestic mammal, we’ve compiled some of the best documentaries about dolphins that highlight their unique characteristics and adaptations while also exploring their lives under water. So get ready to go on an amazing underwater journey!

1. Dolphins Come Ashore To Hunt

Dolphins have been known to strand feed, a behavior where they beach or almost beach themselves in order to find food. This relatively rare spectacle was recently spotted in the Fitzroy River estuary in Central Queensland and documented by researchers from Southern Cross University. Dolphins can employ other forms of feeding as well, such as herding fish into a small area called a bait ball.


2.The Danger Posed To Dolphins

Dolphins have long been admired for their beauty and grace, but the threats they face are all too real. Sadly, dolphin-related tourism businesses often take advantage of unsuspecting tourists with close-contact interactions that can result in serious injuries such as lacerations or broken bones. Even feeding sessions can be dangerous; children have been bitten by dolphins on occasion.


3.Protect Wild Dolphins Documentary

Wild dolphins are beautiful creatures that should be admired from afar. We must remind ourselves to view them with caution and respect, as they are still wild animals that can act unpredictably if not handled correctly. To ensure their safety, we should keep a distance of at least 50 yards (one hundred fifty feet) so as not to disrupt their natural behavior or put them in danger.


4.Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought Documentary

The intelligence of dolphins is often underestimated, and yet these majestic marine mammals are capable of incredible problem-solving, social interaction and communication. Dolphins possess brains larger than humans in proportion to their body size, and research into their behaviour has revealed that they have an advanced capacity for learning. Not only can dolphins learn as individuals, but they can then pass this knowledge onto others, demonstrating a remarkable level of intelligence and complexity.


5.Bottle nose Dolphins Documentary

Bottlenose dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals that have been known to display an array of fascinating behaviors. From creating their own unique whistles as a form of identity, to echolocating using sound waves – these majestic creatures are truly remarkable! Not only do they use frame language- leaping high into the air and snapping their jaws – but they also feed on bottom-dwelling fish, shrimp and squid.


6.Dolphins off the Coast of New Zealand Wild Dolphins

The crystal-clear waters of New Zealand are home to a wide variety of different species of dolphins. While each species has adapted their own strategies to survive in the depths, it is their unique ability to pass on distinctive knowledge from one pod to another which makes them truly remarkable. Take for example, the dusky dolphins found off the Kaikoura Peninsula – they use their distinct vocalizations to communicate with one another and navigate around the ocean floor.


7. Spinner Dolphins Dancers of the Ocean Documentary Nature

The dolphins of Noronha are true ocean dancers, gracing the waters with their acrobatic antics. Every day they visit the island of Fernando de Noronha and gather in what has been called the most visited bay by dolphins in the world. They twirl and spin above the surface, raising up to three metres into the air and spinning up to seven times their body length.


8. NOVA – Private Lives of Dolphins

Discover the private lives of dolphins with NOVA’s 30-year scientific evidence. Take an up close and personal look at a rarely seen underwater world, full of amazing creatures you won’t soon forget. From their social relationships to their unique behaviors, get ready for an unprecedented journey into the life of dolphins!


9. Secretly Recording What Happens At SeaWorld

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at SeaWorld San Diego? We decided to investigate and secretly record our findings. Our cameras captured everything from how they treat their Orca’s, whales, dolphins and other animals that are kept in captivity. Watch this documentary to find out what we uncovered!


10. How does an Orca learn to hunt?

Are you fascinated by killer whales and their hunting techniques? This documentary follows the journey of Delphine, a young female adolescent killer whale, as she learns how to hunt king penguins or Minke whales. It takes her fifteen years or more to master the art of hunting and other essential life skills from her mother. Watch this amazing film to get an in-depth look into the world of these majestic creatures! See how they use teamwork when it comes to finding food–and even learn why these intelligent predators sometimes strand themselves on shorelines in order to catch sea elephants!


11. Do whales and humans speak the same language?

Do whales and humans speak the same language? Are their sounds and acoustic signals similar to human language? Dive into this documentary as a team of researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg investigate killer whale pods in the Pacific. With special microphones, they capture underwater sounds and behaviors of these marine mammals to determine if whale calls have patterns that indicate a possible connection between their vocalizations and behavior. Artificial intelligence is used to decipher unfamiliar communication systems which could transform our understanding of highly communicative species like orcas. Follow us on this journey as we explore the mysteries behind whale song!

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