The 10 Best Documentaries About Health

Aug 14, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Are you curious about the world of health and wellbeing? From medical breakthroughs to nutrition hacks, there is so much to learn from documentaries made about health. To help you find some great films, we’ve compiled a list of the best health-related documentaries out there. These inspiring stories will leave you with loads of new ideas and knowledge about the human body! So, grab some popcorn and dive into our list of the best documentaries about health.


1.More life – Decoding the secret of aging

Are we just a few steps away from the dawn of immortality? Can the process of aging be halted altogether – or even reversed? This is the question that scientists around the world are asking as they strive to unlock the mysteries of our human biology. In Costa Rica, Luis Rosero-Bixby discovered something remarkable on the Nicoya Peninsular – the so-called “Blue Zone”. Here, male life expectancy was the highest in the world, with a remarkable number of centenarians. It is believed that longer telomeres – sections of DNA found at the end of chromosomes – may be responsible for much of this secret to longevity. These insights have spawned a race for the miracle pill, as researchers around the world strive to discover the fountain of youth. In Madrid, Maria Blasco is conducting research into telomeres while in Spain, Manuel Serrano studies senescent cells that accumulate in our bodies as we age and eventually overwhelm us with their alarm signals. Meanwhile, investors have pumped billions of dollars into bio-startups in Hong Kong and US Big Tech companies alike, as they vie for domination in the race. One such pioneer is Alex Zhavoronkov, whose company has received a cash injection of more than 250 million dollars for their work on aging research. Steve Horvath’s epigenetic clock also helps to measure our biological age regardless of actual years. But one of the most promising developments is Greg Fahy’s research on the thymus gland. His initial study showed that a drug cocktail was able to reduce the age of his subjects by an average of two and a half years – when it comes to reversing the aging process, this may be as close as we have got so far.


2.Superfoods – is healthy eating just hype

From the vast fields of Bolivia to the small bistros in Germany, the healthy eating revolution is impacting agriculture and businesses all around. Superfoods are now popularly found in supermarkets where they boast high levels of nutrients, and this has changed product selection for food industries, making it an increasingly lucrative business. Florian Klar of Bochum pioneered the first superfood bistro in the Ruhr region, selling a variety of exotic and local foods such as quinoa, goji berries and chia seeds. Every country has its own type of superfoods; blueberries, flax seed, blackcurrants and kale are all native to Germany. The demand for quinoa has skyrocketed in the past decade, with exports from Bolivia quadrupling between 2007 and 2013. However, this enthusiasm has had a negative effect on Andean farmers as the soil quickly becomes exhausted after two consecutive harvests.


3.The Perfect Human Diet – Exploring the obesity epidemic

The Perfect Human Diet is the ultimate journey to discovering a solution to the overwhelming obesity and diet-related diseases that are becoming more common in today’s society. C.J. Hunt, a broadcast journalist, dives into modern dietary science, ancestral native diets, historical findings and the emerging field of human dietary evolution – all with the goal of finding out what our species really needs for optimal health. This eye-opening documentary teaches us to confidently and practically apply the facts towards our diet in order to reap it’s health benefits, as well as sharing this newfound knowledge with our friends and family. Instead of blindly following one dietary group-think after another, we can now find out what will truly work for us. Through this journey, we are given a detailed template of how to approach and maintain the perfect human diet. With The Perfect Human Diet, C.J. Hunt is offering an unprecedented look into what could be the greatest discovery yet – a way to prevent and treat obesity and diseases through understanding our dietary needs. It’s time we take responsibility for our wellbeing and become empowered with the knowledge to make healthy decisions. Let The Perfect Human Diet be your guide.


4.Obesity and corporate greed

The world is in the midst of a public health crisis. By 2030, it’s predicted that half of the global population will suffer from obesity or being overweight. This alarming epidemic has led to increased cases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer – making it the biggest challenge for healthcare across the globe. Is this all down to individuals’ lack of self-discipline or is it in fact the result of collective failure? We live in a society that shuns obesity and yet produces people who are overweight. Could this be down to society’s influence and actions? The answer is yes – and now people everywhere are rising up to confront multinational food corporations that have been taking over our diets for decades. Politicians, priests, doctors and everyday people are uniting in the fight against sugary drinks that have an addictive qualities similar to hard drugs; misleading advertising aimed at children and low-income families; governments turning a blind eye to junk food companies; and lobbying that pushes legal limits. Chile is leading the way in this battle – but which country will be next? This documentary dives into the depths of this struggle and explores how people are looking to take back control over their nutrition and their bodies. It’s time to put an end to the hostile takeover – and new legislation is needed now more than ever.


5.The Healthcare Divide

As inequality in healthcare continues to rise, access to quality care for low-income populations is increasingly at risk. Sanjana Hospital strives to bridge this divide by providing affordable services that don’t sacrifice quality. We understand the impact that the increasing pressure to increase profits has had on hospitals and their ability to serve those in need, so we strive to provide a comprehensive range of services that meet the needs of all individuals, regardless of income. Our goal is to make sure everyone has access to the care they need. We are committed to leveling the playing field and giving those in need a chance at receiving quality healthcare. With our creative approach to providing high-quality but affordable services, we can help bridge the gap between rich and poor hospitals and help ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.


6.How does touch affect our mental and physical health

Touch is a powerful force in the human experience. It has the power to shape us as individuals and connect us with each other on an emotional level. Whether it’s a gentle caress of assurance from a loved one, or the firm embrace of an old friend, touch plays an essential role in our lives. It helps infants feel secure and cared for, and can even boost the immune system. Touching someone can also convey far more than words ever could, like the intensity of love or compassion. Our brains have a specialized system that is devoted exclusively to perceiving gentle touch stimuli. It’s no wonder then why the touch from a stranger feels so different from that of someone we are emotionally close to; our brain plays a big part in this. Now, with social distancing being the norm, our understanding of the importance of touch is more relevant than ever. With it comes questions about how its absence will affect us physically and emotionally; what does missing out on physical contact mean for our relationships? Researchers have begun to explore these questions, uncovering just how vital touch is for our wellbeing. The research may be valuable, but the absence of touch still has an undeniable impact on us all. We miss out on the healing power of a hug or embrace, and it can make us feel lonely and isolated. As human beings, we instinctively crave physical contact; it’s part of who we are as individuals and what makes us social creatures. But, while the present may be difficult, we can remain hopeful that one day, we’ll be back to enjoying physical contact with each other in all its forms. No matter what happens, touch will always be a constant reminder of our innate need for human connection.



We seek to inspire those who are looking for ways to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls. From yoga classes to meditation sessions, we offer our community plenty of opportunities to explore their creative sides while staying healthy. Our goal is to provide support and guidance for people who are seeking balance in their lives and want to live with intention. We strive to foster a safe environment for our community to grow, learn about themselves and the world around them, and make meaningful connections.


8.A Documentary – Health and Wellness Documentary

The United States has come a long way since the 1970s. We’ve seen a huge shift in the attitudes and beliefs about health, exercise, and dieting. Unfortunately, despite all of the advances that have been made in understanding how to live healthier lives, we’re still facing an alarming problem: diabetes is now affecting 30 million Americans, with 100 million people either having diabetes or being pre-diabetic. Even more concerning is that 40% of the population is now obese.


9.Eating You Alive – Diet, Health and Wellness Documentary

Eating You Alive is a transformational documentary that seeks to revolutionize healthcare. What we eat has a powerful impact on our health and wellbeing – and this movie reveals how we can prevent, arrest or even reverse chronic diseases through diet. Professional insights from leading physicians, compelling endorsements from celebrities such as James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron, Samuel L. Jackson and Penn Jillette, and testimonies from everyday people who have healed themselves with whole foods, are all featured in this engrossing film. This powerful resource is critical in our time; 30.4 million people die each year from chronic diseases and $3.8 trillion is spent in healthcare costs in the U.S. to treat what the CDC identifies as the most common, costly and preventable health problems. Eating You Alive aims to be a leader in the movement of preventive healthcare that starts with the food we eat. It is time for a change – and it all begins with our next bite.



This film, produced by Dr. Mukesh Lathia, follows the journey of those living with mental health conditions and professionals across the Great Lakes. Through their stories, we gain a glimpse into the changing attitudes towards mental illness and how treatment has evolved over time. Although progress has been made in providing better care for those suffering from psychiatric disorders, it’s clear that further work needs to be done. This documentary hopes to achieve this by raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health issues. We focus on the importance of therapy, medication, and professional help in managing these conditions. However, we also realise that every individual has their own path to wellness and should not be judged for it. Our aim is to promote understanding and compassion, and to open up the conversation about mental health in order to ultimately lead to positive change. Join us on this mission as we explore the diverse world of mental health through stories that will both educate and inspire. By taking a closer look at the experiences of those who live with such conditions, we hope to provide insight into one of our society’s greatest challenges, and to help create a kinder and more supportive environment for those in need. Come with us as we shine light on the journey of mental health treatment – from the past to present day.

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